The Perfect Solution

The perfect solution

Posted on May 3, 2011 by Captain Howard
Ready About; Helm’s Alee
hand with "ready about; helm's alee" written on it

A simple solution

In sailing there are always at least six different ways to do any task.  Often the conventional one is not the best one.  Larry Pardy is fond of saying with amusement:  “if there’s a hard way to do this, I’ll find it.”  How human!

How often we over complicate a knot or struggle with a  way we’re fixated on or have been taught.  Beyond all of the struggle lies a simple solution.   But we do not automatically lead ourselves there…. satisfied instead with a clumsy, but workable solution.  So you are new to sailing and you can’t remember the proper “sailorspeak” terms for tacking.  Just write it on the back of your hand.  A simple solution.

In sailing and in life, when you push beyond the six hard ways of doing anything,  you may occasionally be either lucky or aware enough to stumble upon the single, elegant solution.


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