Accept and Dance

Accept and Dance

The weather is a great teacher!  Inexperienced sailors grumble about the weather and are impatient for it to improve.  Perhaps they are most challenged in either end of the  spectrum – no wind or storms.  Seasoned sailors accept the weather just as it is, and then embrace it and deal with it.
The weather is a metaphor for all the circumstances in life, both the ones we like and the ones we don’t. We are generally aware of the absurdity of trying to control the weather, but we don’t necessarily apply it to life.
Bellhaven rough seas
Captain Howard

It’s the storms that create  moments of bliss.

Both the harsh and the pleasant realities of life become much sweeter, and we become much more effective, when we make the shift from trying to control the circumstances of our lives to (1) accepting and embracing the reality that is, and then (2) dancing with it

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