Tobago Cays

The Bible for sailors in the Windward Islands (Martinique to Grenada) is the”2011-2012 Sailors Guide to the Windward Islands” by Chris Doyle.  It’s 5-star rated and about $20 on  Don’t leave your anchor without reading it for essential local area knowledge.

Secondly, you can find an exceptionally well written chart briefing by Philip Bernard at Barefoot Yacht Charters
He’s a world-class sailor; heed all his navigation advice!

Navigation is challenging; sail only between the hours of 10 am and 3 pm when the sun is high enough to see the water depth by color.

The Tobago Cays are a group of small deserted islands, protected from the sea by Horseshoe Roof.  With the protection of the reef you can anchor in calm water and watch Atlantic Ocean waves that have traveled from Africa.  A perfect day is to swim the reef and the turtle sanctuary around the beach in Baradel.  Walk along the spit of land, get some sun (but with a hat and sunscreen).

Then enjoy a lobster BBQ dinner served to you outdoors at a picnic table on the Petit Bateau beach.  Call Romeo in advance for reservations, and remember to bring your own drinks (perhaps enough alcohol for two evenings!).  It’s simply too beautiful to leave.

Local sea vendors show up to take your order for banana bread (at the morning hour you request it), fish or ice.  And they are respectful and joyful displaying trinkets for sale.

[sail on to Union Island]


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