The Bible for sailors in the Windward Islands (Martinique to Grenada) is the “2011-2012 Sailors Guide to the Windward Islands” by Chris Doyle.  It’s 5-star rated and about $20 on

Don’t leave your anchorage without reading it for essential local area knowledge.

Secondly, you can find an exceptionally well written chart briefing by Philip Bernard at Barefoot Yacht Charters
He’s a world class sailor.

Read and heed all his navigation advice!

Aerial view of Bequia IslandBequia Island is my absolute favorite — the perfect balance of isolated third world Caribbean and urban conveniences.  The main harbor is Admiralty Bay, mostly a well-protected bay with its only town, Port Elizabeth to the northeast.

Nav Notes:  Your best protection from the “Bequia Blast” is on the east side, off of Tony Gibbons (aka Princess Margaret) Beach. Drop the hook in about 15 feet of water in a sand bottom, and a single anchor is fine. The water is clear for swimming and there’s some snorkeling off the northern headland.

There is so much more to Bequia – here are several places I like:

Frangipani for a sunset drink, and dinner on Sunday
(when other spots are closed)
Fruits & vegetables in the open market on main street
(but be prepared to bargain with aggressive vendors)
Gingerbread for nearby morning coffee/pastry (right next to Frangipani Hotel)

And a few places so famous they don’t need websites!

Mac’s Pizzeria (Trust me; order their lobster pizza)
Devil’s Table for your best dinner (lively on weekends)
Doris Fresh Foods for quality provisions, search her out on back street.
(You can get flash-frozen fish there for your evening BBQ.)
Jack’s Bar (on Tony Gibbon’s Beach – for nightlife and dancing)

If you are a SCUBA diver we suggest Dive Bequia
There is a large variety of small shops and boutiques (if you are so inclined:  buy it here).

[sail on to Mustique and Canouan]


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