Introducing Captain Howard


Howard at the helm in the C & D canal

Delivery Captain

I’m a speck of old salt blowing in the wind with a modicum of wisdom, sailing and life experience and humor to share.



Long distance racer

Desolation Sound Canada

Charter Captain

My choice is to live no further from the sea than the sound of a fog horn can carry.




Solo Sailor

Long Distance Cruiser

My passion is to share excellence in knowledge, practical seamanship and the enriched life of sailing.




You can find out more than you ever need to know about me at a conventional biography:


One Response to Introducing Captain Howard

  1. JR Lazar (and Ron Rose) says:

    Nice to see Captain Ron in your photo of Instructor, Howard…we learned from the best!! Hope you had a great sail in the ha-ha…and are still laughing as a result. Two weeks until we head to Canouan and a 46′ cat…come join us for Xmas.

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