San Diego – cont.

Today was about learning this new territory and executing on a long to-do list…both a necessity and a fun game.  Using only your wits can you win the scavenger hunt?  Since the list is longer than the day the to-do list will always be incomplete.  In spite of our best efforts life is inevitably incomplete. Here is the dilemma: if we stayed to tidy everything we would never leave the dock.


About Captain Howard

a speck of dust blowing in the wind with a modicum of wisdom, sailing experience and humor.
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3 Responses to San Diego – cont.

  1. A Knesal says:

    So were excused…Thanks Captain.

    Yes, some times you just have to go.

    Life is what happens when we are planning other things…..and so it goes,,,,,,,,,,,,

  2. Gus Philpott says:

    For years I have talked about writing a book with the title “When the first light is green, you go.” When I was first in business in Chicago in the mid-1960s, I worked with a man who said that some people, when planning a trip to St. Louis, would go to the top of a tall building, watch the roads, and wait for all the lights to St. Louis to be green; then they would go. Others, he said, would watch that first light and then go, when it turned green. How could I make 250 pages out of that?

    • A Knesal says:

      Hi! Gus,

      Understand your dilemma, but, essentially, your talking about risk takers. Compile a book on risk takers, draw from your own experience or from known risk takers(example; Lear). Mix it up with different types of risk, or just on those who have stepped over the edge entrepreneurially.

      And books are sold by weight. You achieve that through size, lots of pictures, or real, valuable content….rare, or fiction.

      As I write this, in the next room is a part time editor/publisher watching ‘Survivor’, up stairs another part time editor/publisher watching a Hallmark show, and in another room an actual writer …Writing. The writer recently finished the first draft(fiction) that both of the editor/publishers are chomping at bit to handle. But it requires sequels, and the writer just isn’t interested, at this time, to write them, and he doesn’t care about money…so, their part time status is assured for now.

      FYI …I am not a writer/editor/publisher/, I draw cartoons and bend nails for a living.

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