The trip from Newport Beach to San Diego took a full but very leisurely day.  Mother Nature smiled upon us with the largest pods of dolphins I have ever seen
— numbering in the hundreds — cavorted around us. They were as glad to see us as we were to see them — two near species meeting at the convergence ostensibly sea and land. All is well as we wing from the hook tonight and begin race preparations tomorrow.


About Captain Howard

a speck of dust blowing in the wind with a modicum of wisdom, sailing experience and humor.
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One Response to SanDiego

  1. A Knesal says:

    Stage one completed in a fine manner.

    Would have loved to have seen the Dolphin school. Would have been tempted to jump in with them. Swam with the big Mantas at night in Hawaii. The area they were feeding at was lit up with high intensity lights so you could see them. Amazing animals with up to 10-12 foot wing spans and weighing in the hundreds of pounds, and totally harmless. You should see plenty of fauna with the run down the coast to Cabo.’

    Will it just be the two of you for the Baja Ha Ha? If, so, get some rest, your going to need it.

    Thanks for the updates Captain.

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