Newport Beach

We’ve timed our arrivals perfectly, at each marina arriving at sunset.  thus far we’ve prudently avoided all after-dark arrivals into strange ports.

John and I, along with Arctic Tern III, have settled into an integrtated sailing machine. Most things work and there are of course a few problems – most noticably the failure of the autopilot.  Therefore I have been at the helm cor countuntless hours.  I’ve done all the navigation, all harbor entracnce, and all dockings.  funtioning at zero defects is always a challenge, however thus far I have the satisfaction of succeeding.  Not a scratch and not a grounding and not a course error.

We’re relaxing in Newport Beach, the penultimate chic town – where every woman is a fashion statement.  lWomen wear the mandatory Gucci purse and men drive Corvette convertibles and wear the mandatory ball cap.  Here you either drive a Lexus,, Volvo or tricked out golf cart!  Here toddlers in strollers arrive at Starbucks playing with their smart phones.

We are two days from our San Diego destination.It’s becoming real that we will actyually realize our goal of participating in the Baja Ha Ha.  HA!


About Captain Howard

a speck of dust blowing in the wind with a modicum of wisdom, sailing experience and humor.
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2 Responses to Newport Beach

  1. A Knesal says:

    Newport to Dana Point(?), Oceanside? Dana Point would be a short run from Newport. Either one has limited, guest moorage facilities, and no anchorage that I know of.

    “You only ‘really’ know, what you do.”

    Practice an overnight-er to San Diego from Newport. The harbor is easy to enter at night, unless there is fog . Or go to Mission Bay and anchor at one of the anchorage bays. Mariners Basin, just inside the harbor entrance. Santa Barbara Cove(facilities). San Juan Cove(small anchorage).

    Oh! Well! You probably have it all figured.

    750 miles to Cabo from San Diego with few moorages and anchorages, no facilities after Ensenada, and a lot of fog, will be a decent test of boat and crew.

    Hope your having fun Captain, and dance with all the Ha Ha Kuties for me.

    Clear sailing………….AL

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