Half Moon Bay

Today was near total success…beginning with a sunrise departure from the Blamed estuary and the thrill of passing under the GOlden GAte bridge and heading into a vast open ocean. Morning winds were light but we elected to sail… patiently f
ghosting olong at one knot.
Help came in theform of afternoon winds building to 20 knots. We are anchored in the Half Moon Bay… Only 25 miles down the road. We’ll have to do better…but we’ve had an excellent practice day.
And now to sleep to gentle rocking and the music of the harbor fog horn. It surely will not disrupt my sleep.


About Captain Howard

a speck of dust blowing in the wind with a modicum of wisdom, sailing experience and humor.
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2 Responses to Half Moon Bay

  1. A Knesal says:

    Ah! A port every afternoon/Early evening. Enjoy it while you can, after San Diego they will be harder to come by. If you had sailed under the Astoria bridge today, and over the bar, past buoy three and headed South, you would still be at sea.

    Never could sleep well at anchor or underway, unless I had trusted crew on watch. Solo, it was a half hour here… twenty minutes there, rest didn’t come until a protected anchorage or berth was made.

    Good sailing Captain

  2. A Knesal says:

    Good winds, gentle seas, and dry, except for fog, for the next few days. Looks like you will get headed by south/SE winds by Sunday. That still should afford some long, close reaches, given your sea room. Best winds at night.

    Pretty soon, you can dive overboard for a refreshing swim.

    Stay off the rocks Captain……..AL

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