Cursed with wanderlust

I have been both blessed and cursed with life-long patterns of wanderlust and wonderlust.  Most people can live in one or two homes or remain with one or two companies for a lifetime, but it is my destiny that the box I’m living in (ironically of my own prior choice) becomes a prison, and I have to break out.  It has led to a life unexpectedly rich with new experiences, but my children have paid the price for my seeming instability.


Just last week my seasonal work teaching sailing and chartering was coming to and end, the Seattle weather was putting citizens on notice that winter is coming, and new wanderlust feelings were troubling me.  This week I accepted a new opportunity to break out and create a new box to live in.  Funny how that “coincidence” happens!


I’ve signed on as crew with a charming fellow captain I just met, John Garteiz.  Wary friends asked me if I had done my due diligence.  And the answer is No.  I just signed on with his voyage.  It will either be a success or a disaster, and at 70 years plus it doesn’t really matter.  This thoughtless approach made the decision easy…  or maybe it was driven by fear of the Seattle winter.  Who can ever say what ingredients make up a personal decision?

Cabo San Lucas or bust

So it’s 99% certain that I’ll sail from San Francisco  to San Diego next week, and then if I choose continue on to Cabo San Lucas on the Baja-ha-ha race Oct. 23 to Nov 5.  That will give me substantial offshore, West Coast experience and the luxuries of visiting Mexico and swimming in warm waters.  At this time I plan to return to SEA after Nov 5… but who knows?  Who can ever say to where a prime decision will lead?

I better go check my passport, my bank account and my auto-inflate PFD to see that it is properly armed.

More later

About Captain Howard

a speck of dust blowing in the wind with a modicum of wisdom, sailing experience and humor.
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