I’m blessed with a small band of loving and loyal well-wishers.  To the person they are happy for me that I am going on this adventure and have said so in many ways.  The most common well-wish I’ve received is the traditional farewell of sailors: “fair winds”.   Since I’m a little apprehensive about this trip (almost strangely so) I am bolstered by their wishes.  But I was particularly struck by one well-wishing friend who wrote:

I have two wishes for you: First the traditional “fair winds” so that your trip is blessed with good weather. Second, oddly I hope you get one big blow that leaves you wet and scared, overwhelmed and alive, and knowing that you are stronger than you know.

On the cusp of my departure it is these two wishes that haunt me.  Do I want the comfort of fair winds or do I want the challenge of surviving a storm at sea?

Question:  what do you truly wish…for your friends…for your family… for your self?  A life of comfort, guarantees and protections from fear and hurt?  Or a life with bruises that bring you to the edge of wits and survival and teach you that “you are stronger than you know”?  There is a time to sit on the couch and eat bon-bons and there is a time to stretch beyond self-limiting, fictitious beliefs.   Having pondered this a bit I know security is not the prize, and I hope Jake’s wishes comes true… for you and for me.


About Captain Howard

a speck of dust blowing in the wind with a modicum of wisdom, sailing experience and humor.
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One Response to Well-wishes

  1. Joyce says:

    Just saying hi Captain! JOYce

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