Welcome Aboard

This site contains notes on the wet road I’ve traveled:

I.  A short sea story  (highly recommended you begin here)

that ends well, as this old salt of 70+ years,  in search of the perfect
margarita and the Holy Grail, sails the California coast and south to Cabo San Lucas
It unfolds in two parts:
(1)  California Coastal Cruising, and
(2) the Baja Ha-Ha cruisers regatta/race – an amazing whatchamacallit

II.  Postcards from sailing
(1) St. Vincent & The Grenadines

III.  My current blog

thought/feelings  (click on the “Blog – Sailing South” menu for blog progress reports)

III. Wisps of Wisdom and Hints of Hubris

short quick-reads and musings connecting  the dots between sailing and life.
(click on the “Wisps of Wisdom” menu for these reflections)